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Writing is interesting, so I write about interesting things.
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But you must be willing to put in the hard work.

I always loved entrepreneurship.

I always admired those who took the plunge into the unknown steadfast in their mission and fearless in their belief that they will accomplish greatness. The few confident enough to believe in an idea when most people around them didn’t. The few who traded the familiar…

and congratulations on advancing in your journey to greatness.

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All of us know setbacks are just part of life, and when faced with a setback, the experience is generally unpleasant.

But does it have to be?

I don’t think so.

And it doesn’t take much to change how we view setbacks and hence make those moments work for us…

This is a great tip and one I struggle with a lot. I'm 29 and find I give to much weight to too many peoples opinions. I really like your tip on being selective with the people you're listening to advice from. "Take advice only from someone you would switch places with."

This one really hit home for me! As much as we think we need to get back at people who've mistreated us in anyway, the truth is, the best revenge really is not to be like win when you don't react with your own morals...and as a bonus, the person who mistreated you feels like crap.

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You must be honest, brave, and bold.

After listening to many podcasts, and reading plenty of books on entrepreneurship, I always found three commonalities in the stories of all successful entrepreneurs. I’ve distilled them into three simple rules.

The 3 rules to remember to begin your entrepreneurship journey are...

Rule #1: Be Bold.

Entrepreneurs are always imagining new narratives. Reimagining the norms. Considering new possibilities, tinkering with the obvious to try and…

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Our ability to communicate.

All of us will experience life differently. We learn different lessons, face different challenges, and experience different events. If our life experiences shape the person we become, it’s easy to undertand why all of us are unique. …

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Before you begin the journey, relax.

All of us face challenging moments at some point in our lives, what’s key is how we react to them. How we react and what we do determines how quickly we move on and find success, or fall by the wayside and waste our time. …

Know your priorities.

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Every blog post I write emerges from an interesting thought or idea that comes to my mind, which I quickly note, and reproduce into a heading for a blog post I am going to write in the future. …

It is a process.

An aspiring writer I am, learning this masterful craft. So much effort of me is invested in writing my stories, because I do it for myself. I write because I painstakingly enjoy every bit of it.

Writing is an art I fully enjoy.

I love writing for its rewards and challenges. I testify that writing is indeed…

Omar Youssef

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